Journey to Battle Mountain Nevada


The Journey to Battle Mountain took the team 2 days.

Travel Day 1

Meeting at London Heathrow airport at 10am on Thursday 5th September 2019.

Followed by 2 hours of checking baggage, oversized baggage and security. The flight departed at 12.20 and was followed by the team entertaining themselves, by watching multiple films each over the 11 hour flight as well as enjoying multiple rounds of food.

Arriving at San Francisco Airport at 11:30pm UK time, (15:30pm local time). After passing US customs and collecting baggage, the drivers went to collect the hire cars while the rest of the team caught a shuttle bus to the hotel and checked in.

After a little while settling in, the team reconvened to decide on the plan for the rest the evening. The first port of call was to collect the bike. While some of the team when to do this others when to find food, they were later followed by the rest of the team.

After trying to stay up as long as they could the team when to bed.

Travel Day 2

Started with the team meeting for breakfast at 7am ready to start the journey to Battle Mountain Nevada. It was decided to take the scenic route as it would be more interesting view. Which was said to take 7 hours.

Journey to Nevada from California

Journey to Nevada from California

Team stopped off for a photo

Team stopped off for a photo

Setting off at 8am in two vehicles, one filed with all things for the bike and a few cases. The other filled with students and more baggage.

The first stop on the journey was to whole food to collect food.

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Picnic by Lake Tahoe

Picnic by Lake Tahoe

Later stopping off next to Lake Tahoe for a picnic and to stretch our legs some decided to take a dip in the water.

Then continued the journey towards battle mountain briefly stopping off in Reno to collect, resin, tools and fuel.

With still another couple of hours drive arriving in Battle Mountain shortly after 6pm.

Settled into rooms, and enjoying pizza for dinner.

Then started to assemble the bike.

Then went to bed.

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