Bike Hub Development

The hub is being machined using a metal lathe by team leader Danish Javed. The front hub has been completed by 80% and is now waiting on the spoke holes. As we need absolute placing for the spoke holes, a jig is being created which allows the hub to be in place when drilling the given holes at even spots at each end of the hub.


The back hub is being created here, similar design but has been adjusted to accommodate the disc brake.


All the parts have been ordered for the creating of each wheel, as seen below. The hubs completion will allow Noah Phillips (driver and wheel and brake team member) and Luke Arnold (wheel and brake team member respectively) to create the front wheel, followed by the back.

The dropouts are being tested and innovated to find the perfect specification for the vehicle. This section is being machined using a mill, designed and machined by Daniel Wrigley (wheel and brake team member).

Aim93 Team